When people ask how we made our products to not only fit the fast complex world of legislative meetings but also to be user friendly, we have to point to our customers.

Since 2003, we have provided open meeting solutions that have been successfully integrated into a wide range of legislative processes.  Our current product releases are 6th generation systems and are based on our experience with our customers - councils, boards, and legislative groups of all kinds.  A testament to our success is that 76% of our customers come to us through referrals. An additional factor contributing to our success is the experience we gained from our original company, Current Works Inc. 

Current Works started in 1988 as a supplier for the special education market.  More specifically, they designed and manufactured computer peripherals that allowed children with disabilities to utilize a computer without a mouse or keyboard.  We even designed a device that enabled computer control with eye movement.  This market forced us to design equipment that was easy to use/plug and play, flexible enough to work with a variety of technologies, and extremely rugged.  These hallmarks have been incorporated into our product lines ever since.

An example of how we make our systems easy to use is our ‘what you need is what you see’ (WYSIWYN) interface.  For instance, the voter’s smart device displays only the current appropriate action. These design principles were also incorporated into our Meeting Manager screen (the clerk's interface) and the public display (what the audience sees).  Users report our interface makes the system very easy to operate right out of the box! Recently, we went from system installation to successful deployment within 48 hours. 

We have also designed our system to work with widely available, commercial off-the-self (COTS) technology.  For example, voters can use Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices as input devices.  Our RTS Pro application outputs commands in a simple easy to use format.  The upshot is that any digital signal processor (DSP) can be easily programmed to control A/V equipment such as microphones and video cameras. Our base application can be run on a standard Windows 7,8, or 10 PC.

These design considerations have helped us develop a product line that fulfills our mission, which is to make your meetings more effective, efficient and informative for everyone.  We also believe our products foster more open, transparent representative government.  

We at RollCall Systems want to thank you for considering our products.
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