Our approach:

Saves you time

Our customers report that using RollCall Pro for voting shortens their meetings by 30 - 50%! Additionally with our microphone control system, RTS Pro, you don't have to wait for each speaker to activate his own microphone.  When the chair recognizes a speaker, his microphone is "hot".  There's also no waiting for speakers to de-activate their own microphone, so your recording captures all of the dialog, not all of the noise.
Roll Call Voting Made Easy

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Handles the error prone "dirty work" of legislative meetings
RollCall Pro collects and counts the votes for you. It interprets the outcome of the votes based on the criteria you set.  And it generates an electronic record for you to include into your minutes. (So it saves time after meetings, too.) With RTS Pro, when you recognize a speaker, his microphone is automatically turned on, and the previous speaker's microphone is automatically turned off.  Need to turn off all microphones?  There's a button for that as well.
Keeps everyone informed
Through a public display, everyone sees what item is being discussed, everyone sees who has requested to speak on an item and in what order, everyone sees what positions the voters take on each issue, and everyone sees the outcome of each vote.  With RTS Pro, the public display also identifies which microphones are on (i.e., who's speaking), and it's updated dynamically as the chair activates new speakers.  TV or web viewers can also see what's happening.  Using our systems is "walking the talk" of open meetings.
Minimizes training and support time with our proprietary WYSIWYN interface
WYSIWYN stands for "what you see is what you need."  Our interface displays only the current appropriate action on the voterís device. This design makes our system very easy to operate right out of the box!  For instance, during agenda item discussion, the only items that are visible on the hand held device are the motion/second buttons and the request to speak button. If it is time to vote, voting buttons are the only items visible. This helps shorten the learning curve and eliminates confusion. WYSIWYN design features are also incorporated into the Meeting Manager's interface.
Everything's included except complexity.
Integrates with your current processes and procedures
By focusing on the meeting management aspect of the legislative process, our systems don't disrupt your existing pre- and post-meeting processes.  Other systems are often described by our customers as "800 pound gorillas" - requiring that you change your entire workflow.