Roll Call Voting Made Easy

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What do I need to implement RollCall Pro and RTS Pro?
You need a Windows PC for the clerk or secretary, “smart” devices for voting members, and a network.
What kind of “smart” devices can I use?
The RollCall Systems Member App runs on iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices, and you can mix-n-match them in the same session.
How long does it take to learn to use?
Our systems are designed to be intuitive so that training and support time is minimized:
* Our WYSIWYN (“What You See Is What You Need”) interface makes it easy for even first time voters to make motions and seconds, request to speak, and vote. 
* Color-coded “You Are Here” navigation boxes help guide the user during meetings.  And there’s micro help on every option.
As an example, one client recently purchased, installed, trained, and used the system all within 48 hours!
Do I have to teach my users how to switch from meeting packet review to the voting app?
No, you can dedicate separate devices to each member for voting.  That way, they don’t go home with your members and (possibly) not come back.
However, if you decide to use the same device to review the meeting packet as well as to vote, you will need to teach your voters to press their “Home” button, if they’re using an iPad.  (Don’t they already know how to do that?)  If they press “Home” twice rather than once, they can select the app they want to go to, but that’s a lot of extra work…not!
What kind of support do I get with these products?
RollCall Systems built its reputation on customer support.  Every client gets a live, online training class.  In addition, we provide training videos and phone/e-mail support.
Do I need an Internet connection?
No, you only need a network that everyone can connect to.  Many of our clients dedicate a network connection that’s not accessible to the public.
How secure is the system?
First of all, a nefarious entity would need to know how to connect to the right network.  (See above.)  In addition, in order to log in, a user needs to know the IP address of the clerk’s PC, a user name, and a password.  All these credentials are “remembered” session to session by the voting app to make things easy for authentic users.
How long have you been providing legislative voting and meeting management systems?
RollCall Pro and RTS Pro are 6thgeneration systems tailor made for legislative meetings.  We’ve been focused on this application area since 2003.  It’s not a sidelight for us.